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New addition to Northam mural to be unveiled today

In the lead up to this evening’s big derby match a new addition to the saints mural of fame might stoke up some ill will

Legend is a word that gets banded about too much in modern society. Like epic or awesome it has lost all meaning due to overuse.

But sometimes a simple unremarkable man performs a single action that elevates them into legendary status. On that beautiful boxing day against Arsenal, Cuco did it. In 1989 in Tiananmen Square, the tank man did it.

And on March 11th 2011 at Dean Court a modest journeyman midfielder did the very same.

His name is Oscar Gobern and today on the eve of the big derby match against bitter local rivals Bournemouth a new addition to the Northam bridge mural will be unveiled.

Below is the an artists impression of what might be under the velvet curtain.

Oscar Gobern and that tackle

It was a kung fu kick more beautiful than Jelle Van Damme’s brother could ever imagine combined with a tackle even Franny Benali wouldn't dare perform.

And now it will forever be immortalised on the mural of fame. That is until some kid graffitis something about the Illuminati on top of it.

Some might say this is a cynical ploy by the marketing team to drum up hatred towards a local enemy we feel ambivalence towards.

Not us at St Mary’s Musings however. We say these Cherry Pie botherers ruin more more baked goods than those blue lot do fish.