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Prediction League: Final Day

It's the final day of the season. A final chance to watch a goalless draw at St Mary's

Southampton v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Four games at home without a goal. It sounds bad but the fixture against united served as microcosm of the season as a whole. Lots of possession, the majority of the chances and no goals.

No wins against the top 6, just game after game of frustration and injustice against the Goliaths.

Last season Koeman beat each of this year's top 6 and it is a stick which Puel's critics have been using to beat him. But that was a beleaguered bunch. This season they have got their act together and shown the true face of premier league inequality.

A win today and saints finish 8th. One place lower than the best possible scenario for the rest of the league.

The problem for Claude is the points gulf between us and Koeman's Everton. The Dutchman left the south coast because his personal ambitions weren't best served by our clubs sustainable, organic growth plan. The toffees offered a quicker, easier fix. Throwing loads of money at the problem.

The question is do we want to do "an Everton"? Everton have made some good moves but have also made some crazy mistakes costing them millions.

The upcoming Chinese take over might be signal a change of direction by the board in a more Everton style plan. I for one am against it.

Oh yeah, there's a game today.


Lawro: 1-2

Stoke's form has been heading in a downhill direction for a while now but the nature of the last day of the season always throws up some unexpected results, and I think this game will provide one of them.

Merse: 3-1

I have to give the win to Southampton, I thought they were very unlucky on Wednesday night.

Will: 3-0

The floodgates open and Puel secures an unspectacular 8th place. He's fired the next day.

George: 0-0

end the home campaign by keeping the form up

Jake: 1-0

Own goal

Allen: 1-1

Beat me to it George. I'll say 1-1. Insert all the sarcasm in the world to say how great it'll be.

Dan V: 2-0

Prowsee to bang. 8th place finish, solid, unspectacular season.