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Oh God. Ryan Giggs wants to be new Southampton manager

The man who feels the Championship is below him despite having no managerial experience wants to cut his teeth in management at Saints

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UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour - by UniCredit Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

According to the Daily Mail [H/T The Daily Echo], Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs wants to "kickstart his managerial career" at Southampton, taking his "first steps into full-time management" at the club.

Thankfully, there is surely no way of this materialising at St. Mary's, given his lack of experience as a coach. In addition, Giggs isn't mentioned in among those supposedly shortlisted by the club as the next Saints manager.

Giggs' only time at the helm of a club was when he took over as caretaker manager at United for four Premier League games after David Moyes made his unceremonious exit from Old Trafford—winning two matches, drawing one and losing the other while in charge.

The former Welsh international was linked to the Swansea City job back in October, but the Swans opted to take on American coach Bob Bradley instead following Giggs' reportedly lacklustre interview.

Giggs shirked blame of not getting the Swansea gig at the time, saying: "I was enjoying a bit of travelling and I got a call off Swansea and I met them a couple of times. In the end there was just mixed messages from the football side and the ownership side of the club. I just felt their ambitions did not really match mine so it didn't quite work out."

Just remember that Giggs hasn't managed a team on a full-time basis before, yet he apparently has loftier ambitions above Swansea's ideals.

While this is just paper talk—from the Daily Mail, no less—but if true, the gall of Giggs never ceases to amaze me. Southampton is a club which has finished in the top eight of the Premier League for the past four season. Southampton is not a stepping stone for those taking their first steps into full-time management.