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Reports: Southampton FC set for Chinese takeover

Respected Chinese business insider Alexander Jarvis says news of Lander Sports' purchase of Southampton FC is imminent.

Olympic Torch Relay In Canberra Disrupted By Protests Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Alexander Jarvis, a British financier who is chairman of Blackbridge Cross Borders who specialise in Chinese football investments, tweeted that Lander Sports are set to announce their purchase of Southampton Football Club tomorrow [H/T The Ugly Inside].

Simon Peach, a respected Press Association journalist and Southampton fan, said he was informed the deal was not yet complete, to which Jarvis replied: "News from Hangzhou - Lander & their advisers are all ready [sic] celebrating and have announced via WeChat. The Gao family's face 丢脸 is at stake."

If true, Southampton would be the 27th football club to have received investment from China in just three years.

Jarvis had earlier said that it appeared state-led capital controls in China had been lifted and several Chinese football takeovers were back up and running. The measure was initially introduced due to concerns about the financial viability of Chinese businesses investing so much money into foreign football.

In an age of constant online football speculation and misinformation, it's hard to be trusting these days. But given Jarvis' role and insight into Chinese football investments, Saints fans could be receiving some heavy duty news on Friday.