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Inside Info: We spoke to a Terrier to get a Huddersfield fan’s take on the game against Southampton

We’ve recruited the services of a special guest to give us the inside track on Huddersfield Town.

Huddersfield Town v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

This week we spoke to life-long Huddersfield Town fan and current Coronation Street director Duncan Foster to get the lowdown on Southampton’s opponents on Saturday in the Premier League.

Unfortunately there are no Corrie spoilers, but Duncan sure packed a personality for his beloved Terriers. The Southampton player most Terrier-like, according to Duncan, might surprise you.

St Mary’s Musings: How long have you supported Huddersfield Town and with your busy schedule, how often are you able to get to a match?

Duncan Foster: I've followed them for 45 years; the first season, aged five, they came down from the top division, and I was there at the lowest ever gate — 1700 versus Torquay — and for most of the dark years. This year I have a season card and hope to get to most home games. Although I won't be there Saturday.

SMM: It has been a dream start to life in the Premier League for the Terriers - what were your own expectations for the club entering the season and has the early success changed them?

DF: No. As [Head Coach] David Wagner says, “We have no limits!”. So that's my expectation. I know one thing we won't throw away the opportunity like Hull and Boro did last year.

SMM: To the wider audience outside of England, Huddersfield may be a relatively unknown club. What makes it a unique and what's something unusual that people might not know about the Terriers?

DF: The connection between the team and players is very strong. The training ground is community based and built by out fantastic chairman Dean Hoyle. The players and fans mix there eating and playing snooker together.

SMM: Huddersfield have done a lot business in the transfer window - do you feel there are any weaknesses that need addressing before the window closes?

DF: We need cover at right back, and also at centre half, also as cover.

SMM: Who is a Huddersfield player us Saints fan should look out for?

DF: Easy question: Aaron Mooy is easily the best player we've ever had. £8 million? He will be worth £30 million by XMas. Christopher Schindler, our centre half, is also very good. £1.8 million last year? A steal. He scored the winning penalty in the final and apparently he demanded to take the 5th penalty. What a man!

SMM: What Saints player should Huddersfield fear?

DF: Feel bad here as I don't really know. As David Wagner says, “We worry about what we do, not the other team”.

SMM: If you could bring a player from Southampton to Huddersfield, who would it be?

DF: James Ward-Prowse is a Terrier type player.

SMM: Finally, what's your prediction for the game?

DF: I'm going for 2-1 Town.

SMM: Oh! What's the best part about directing Coronation Street? Any teasers you can give us?

DF: I can't give you any teasers as I'm not allowed, but it's great job and I feel very lucky to work on it.

We would like to thank Duncan for his time, especially since he got his responses back before heading on set. You can follow him on Twitter @duncanfo, and of course get your fix of Corrie on ITV.