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WDLM: Some expert time wasting tactics went down in South America last week

We Don’t Like Mondays either, so we thought we’d feature a story we feel will brighten up the start to your week. This time, it’s Johan Padilla’s time wasting tactics for Ecuadorian side El Nacional.

South American football is arguably the birthplace of the so-called “dark arts” of football. Diving, time wasting, tricking referees... to generalise, those who grew up playing football in the continent have all that down pat.

Goalkeeper Johan Padilla, of Ecuadorian side El Nacional, is no different.

With his team 4-3 up against Bolivia’s San Jose in the 89th minute of their Copa Sudamericana first round tie, Padilla naturally sought to run the clock down and was rightly booked for time wasting while measuring up a free-kick.

But when match official Jose Argote went to book Padilla, he (gently) put his hands on the goalkeeper.

That gave Padilla another opportunity to waste time as he theatrically flung himself to the floor. The ‘keeper then appeared to appeal to the referee, forgetting it was the referee who gave him a soft nudge in the first place.

Somehow, referee Argote couldn’t bring himself to book Padilla for a second time.

[H/T Who Ate All The Pies]