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Mark Hughes says Southampton have been too passive, demands fast start against Leicester City on Saturday

Everton v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Southampton manager Mark Hughes is demanding his side make a positive start in Saturday’s game against Leicester City.

Hughes decried his team for being too “passive” in the opening stages of both games against Burnley, a 0-0 draw, and last week’s 2-1 defeat away at Everton. Saints conceded both of those goals in the first half.

“In the two games we have played so far, we have had good periods where we really asked questions of the opposition, but have not been able to convert that into maximum points as yet, to force the issue,” Hughes said [H/T BT Sport].

“I am hoping and expecting those elements will improve in our third game,” Hughes added. “It is important we start with good intentions and intensity to our play, if we do that then we will get a foothold in the game and take it from there.”

“At times we have been a little bit passive and waited to see what the opposition’s ideas are, what they wanted to do in games and then tried to stop them.

“We want to change that around, be on the front foot and get everybody engaged in the game right from the off.”