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Write for St. Mary’s Musings!

We are on the lookout for contributors ahead of this upcoming season.

Southampton v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Are you the right person to help St. Mary’s Musings become THE destination for all Southampton Football Club news, opinion and fan insight?

If you love Southampton, enjoy discussing all aspects of the beautiful game and have a useful skill, you just might fit in with our team.

We’re looking for news and feature writers, football analysts and social media experts to help tell the story of the Saints from the unique Southampton fan-led perspective of which St. Mary’s Musings prides itself.

If have the ability to do any of the above, and if you want to be part of a fun community of individuals doing the same, please let us know. Simply write to us at

It is important to note that we do this out of a love for the beautiful game and Southampton Football Club. These positions are on a voluntary basis. However, some of our staff have gone on to more financially rewarding opportunities.

You never know what this experience will lead to. Like with anything else in life, you’re likely to get out what you put in.

What we need at St. Mary’s Musings:

  • News and Match Reporters: Due to stretched staffing, it can be difficult for us to keep up with and report on all Southampton FC news as it breaks. We need talented writers who are on hand to write copy on the latest Saints news and matches as we move onto the 2018/19 Premier League campaign.
  • Opinion writers: We are all for fan-led opinion no matter how, erm, abstract. Hell, we even ran a story on how one of our writers wanted Leicester City to beat Southampton! Have a salient point to be made on the latest goings-on at Southampton and you have a natural knack for writing accurate, intriguing copy? St. Mary’s Musings is your perfect outlet for your talents.
  • Interview go-getters: Confident enough to secure the big interviews and ask our heroes the tough questions to help establish St. Mary’s Musings as one of the top football blogs? We would love to have you on board!
  • Youth/Academy reporters: In particular, we are currently seeking someone interested in covering the club’s youth/academy system. Saints have one of the best football academies in the world so this is an important role, as today’s academy players are tomorrow’s stars to feature for the first team. This position gathers youth / academy results, profiles potential stars and keeps up with important events.
  • Social Media whizzes: It’s important to be seen and heard on social media, as long as it’s for all the right reasons. If you know a thing or two about cultivating and captivating social media audiences, please fire us an email.

Send any applications with supporting examples of your previous work. We would ideally like to get some more bodies in the team within the next week ahead of the new season.