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Mario Lemina bags himself the biggest speeding fine in UK history

Lemina, or his brother or cousin, was caught speeding at 200cc Mario Kart speeds.

Southampton v Borussia Monchengladbach - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Southampton midfielder Mario Lemina has been fined £96,000 for failing to tell police if he was driving when his car was caught speeding three times.

According to The Sun (sorry), the fine is understood to be the biggest for a motoring offence in UK history.

The Sun says Lemina wasn’t aware if it was his brother or his cousin who was caught driving his £50,000 Mercedes-AMG GLA45. Both Lemina’s brother and cousin was staying with him at the time.

Though Lemina claims to have not been behind the wheel, the midfielder did admit to three counts of failing to notify police after ignoring their letters.

Lemina could have paid a fine up to £144,000 if he hadn’t admitted the charge.

On top of the £96,000 he is having to shell out, Lemina received 18 points on his licence - that’s on top of the 21 he already had on his non-UK licence. Unsurprisingly, Lemina faces a one-year driving ban as a result.

Southampton reportedly said they “will be discussing the matter” with Lemina after he failed to appear at Aldershot magistrates’ court.