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Ralph Hasenhuttl says he has a “special relationship” with Nathan Redmond

Hasenhuttl is getting Redmond’s best form in a Saints shirt and he thinks there’s more to come

Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl says he has a special relationship with Nathan Redmond Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Nathan Redmond has been playing his best football in a Southampton shirt under Ralph Hasenhuttl, and the Austrian manager believes there’s plenty more to come.

Redmond scored two to help Saints beat Wolves 3-1 on Saturday, a result which could prove to be the difference maker when it comes to Southampton’s ongoing relegation battle.

Hasenhuttl says the pair have a “special relationship,” one which sees him support Redmond as both a motivator and a critic and he says that’s the reason behind his recent form.

“I show him what we need in his position that he plays and show him that he can be the guy who makes the difference,” Hasenhuttl said after the game. [H/T Daily Echo]

“He was waiting a long time for a goal but I know it was only a question of time until he scored again and then he was in the right place and very clinical and a good performance.

“It’s a little bit of everything. Sometimes giving him a smooth shoulder and sometimes criticise him if I don’t like what he’s doing.

“We have a special relationship I think and he knows I demand a lot from him, not only if he has the ball but also if he works against the ball.

“He shows in every game he is learning and he’s getting better.”