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Hampshire Police seeking away end supporter after incident at St Mary’s injures child

Hampshire Police are seeking a supporter from the St Mary’s away end at last weekend’s Southampton-Liverpool clash.

Hampshire police launched an appeal to identify a fan they want to speak to in conncection with an incident at St Mary’s Photo by Steven Paston/PA Images via Getty Images

Hampshire Police launched an appeal to identify a supporter from the away end at St Mary’s after an incident in Southampton’s 2-1 loss to Liverpool at the weekend.

A nitrous oxide (NOS) canister was thrown from the away end after Liverpool went 2-0 up, injuring a seven-year-old Southampton fan.

To clarify, NOS canisters are used to inhale laughing gas.

The incident was first brought to light by Southampton fan @Puel_Out on Twitter.

His post included a picture of the little lad who was hit by the gas canister holding an ice pack to his face.