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Southampton FC say barred Portsmouth fan was warned to not arrive at St. Mary’s for England - Kosovo wearing club gear

Infamous Portsmouth fan John Westwood has kicked up a bit of a fuss after being turned away from St. Mary’s for wearing his club’s gear, but Southampton say he was warned in advance.

Renowned Portsmouth fan John Westwood was stopped from entering St. Mary’s to see England beat Kosovo 5-3 after turning up wearing a Portsmouth shirt and jacket despite being advised not to Photo by Anna Gowthorpe/PA Images via Getty Images

Infamous Portsmouth fan John Westwood hit out at rivals Southampton FC and the Football Association after he was turned away from St. Mary’s before England - Kosovo.

Westwood arrived at the ground wearing a Portsmouth shirt and jacket, and was refused entry.

Speaking to The News [via Shields Gazette], Westwood said: “I was queuing up to enter the ground when a steward told me: ‘Sorry, I can’t let you in with a Pompey shirt’.

“I called over another steward and offered to turn my shirt inside out and she pointed to my coat, so I offered to do the same with that, it’s only got a badge on it.

“I have been dressing in that style of attire to watch England games for 40 years.

“This is was an England home game, nothing to do with local rivalries. I have been across the country to other grounds where rivals mix together.

“I didn’t want any problems, I just wanted to watch England play.”

However, Southampton FC have defended the action taken against Westwood ahead of England’s shaky 5-3 win over Kosovo on Tuesday night.

In a statement released by the Saints, they claim Westwood was informed prior to the game on multiple occasions that

But Southampton FC have defended their actions, claiming that Westwood was informed prior to the game as to their security concerns.

In a statement, the Premier League side said: “The police and safety plan around the game stipulated that any fan in this scenario would not be admitted for safety and security reasons.

“This was communicated to the fan in question on multiple occasions ahead of his arrival at the stadium.”