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Thursday Trivia: Who are Southampton’s top 25 player sales?

In self-isolation? Alleviate some of that boredom by testing your Saints knowledge!

Southampton FC Virgil Van Dijk May Yoshida quiz Photo by Matt Watson/Southampton FC via Getty Images

I’m sure we’re all getting a little stir crazy at the moment.

The ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will have definitely left a lot of Southampton fans bored without any football being played. Though, it is very important to echo the sentiments of many: stay home, save lives.

So, to keep yourselves occupied, come and test your Saints knowledge with our quiz.

Name 25 of Southampton’s top player sales. Let us know how you get on by commenting below or reaching out to us on Twitter (@StMarysMusings).

If the quiz doesn’t work, please head here. Please note that we did not compile the quiz - its questions or answers.